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What’s New

We’ve added something new this year. We are doing a few Irish sets with the addition of Steve and Megan’s older brother, Mark Holister.  June 12th you’ll be able to see both the Irish sets and our traditional B&B sets.

Also, look at the NEW “You Tube” page!!!

About the Band

Barefoot ‘n’ Bluejeans is a dynamic trio that loves to entertain. The Waukesha Freeman stated, “Barefoot ’n’ Bluejeans takes pride in performing long lost cover songs from the 60’s to present day”. Megan, Steve and Tim just love playing music. All have been involved in music since childhood and have really enjoyed playing together over the past ten years. Our style of performance fits into many venues including parties, fundraisers, bars, graduations and great for intimate settings. We can fit in a small room or we can scale to play an outside event. We'd love to talk to you about performing for your event or party. Explore the links below and then contact us.


Next Gigs


Friday Night Live
Clark Hotel Waukesha
June 12                    
6-8 Outside, 9-12 inside

 New Berlin Fourth of July Festival
July 4
12:30- 4:30 PM

Clark Hotel
Aug. 21 9-12 PM

Friday Night Live
Clark Hotel Waukesha
Sept 11                    
6-8 Outside, 9-12 inside

We are taking bookings now for private parties, fund raisers ,
corporate events, 

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